The Vaccines – Combat Sports

Something that has always helped me with my mental health has been music. I just plug in my headphones and everything seems to be so much better. I love live gigs, which for someone who hates crowds can be quite tricky at times. Each week I want to share some of my favourite artists, albums, gigs and songs with you.

I had never really listened to The Vaccines before this album came out early 2018. I remeber listening to I Can’t Quit on the radio and instantly falling in love with it.

On whim I decided to listen to this album on a monday evening, I was probably procastinating my uni work. Two hours later I had convinced the boy I was dating to come with me to see them at Alexandra Palace in London, and we got tickets that night.

Alexandra Palace has to be the most beautiful music venue I’ve ever been to, it was an incredible gig, an amazing live band.

Even after having a little freak out because of the amount of people, and becomming grumpy, (for some reason when I get very anxious I can become very moody and take it out on those closest to me)  The boy who I was with, and dating, asked me to become his ‘official girlfriend’.

We’re still together and have tickets to see The Vaccines again next year.

Whenever I am feeling down, or missing him, I stick on this feel-good album and I am instantly taken to a happy place with happy memories.

Annesar x